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Kanchipuram Saree / Kanjivaram Saree

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Kanchipuram silk sarees are distinguished by its rich use of colors and fine golden thread work that produce beautiful patterns and weaves. Originated in the city of Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu, India; this particular type of saree is popularly known as Kanjivaram sarees. This city in the southern India is also known by the name of Silk City and the sarees are referred to as South India's answer to Banarasi saris.

The sarees are weaved from pure mulberry silk thread. The pure mulberry silk used in the making of Kanchipuram saris comes from South India and the zari comes from Gujarat.To weave a Kanchipuram sari three shuttles are used. While the weaver works on the right side, his aide works on the left side shuttle. The border color and design are usually quite different from the body. If the pallu (the hanging end of the sari) has to be woven in a different shade, it is first separately woven and then delicately joined to the Sari.The part where the body meets the pallu is often denoted by a zig zag line. In a genuine Kanchipuram Silk Sari, body and border are woven separately and then interlocked together. The joint is woven so strongly that even if the sarees tears, the border will not detach.That differentiates the kanjivaram silk sarees from the others.


Kanchipuram Saris are distinguished by their wide contrast borders. Temple borders, checks, stripes and floral (buttas) are traditional designs found on a Kanchipuram sarees. Kanchipuram sarees vary widely in cost depending upon the intricacy of work, colors, pattern, material used like zari (gold thread) etc.

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