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Jamdani Saree

    Buy Jamdani Sarees Online and Enjoy Looking Gorgeous Wearing Them!!

    When it comes to sarees of India, there are a myriad of options available for women.  One of these options is the Jamdani Saree. The centuries-old Jamdani (or Dhakai Jamdani) weaving tradition originated in Dhaka, Bangladesh and is today carried forward in West Bengal, India as well. Some of the finest quality handwoven Jamdani silk sarees are produced in India, which require a high degree of precision and accuracy.


    These are feather-light and sheer sarees, with fine motifs woven all over the body giving it a luxurious and grand finish. Common motifs such as flowers and various bird patterns can also be found on them. Silk fabric is woven with cotton or zari threads sometimes and various baroque design patterns are carved on them.

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