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Tussar Silk Sarees

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Tussar sarees have a rich, royal texture that helps a woman feel special and distinguished. Popular for their alluring and fascinating texture, silk sarees come in a wide range of varieties, some of the popular ones being Tussar silk or Kosa silk. It is manufactured using Tussar silkworms that are found extensively in South India. Bhagalpur is popularly known as the hub of production of Tussar silk sarees and Bhagalpuri silk handloom sarees


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How To Maintain Tussar Silk Sarees?

Since Tussar silk is a less durable fabric, it is important to take extra care of Tussar silk sarees, so they last longer.

  • To keep your tussar sarees crisp and clean, it is best to get them dry clean.

  • The fabric of tussar sarees must breathe, hence one should not wrap them in a plastic bag instead wrap them in a muslin cloth or keep in a muslin bag.

  • For hand washing Tussar sarees, use only cold water and wash with mild detergent or liquid.

  • Dry the sarees in the shade as the sun can fade away the color of saree.

  • Do not use chemical bleach to clean stains, always dry clean.

  • Always iron Tussar sarees on medium heat or as per the setting for silk.

  • Keep changing the folds of the saree, once in a while or once in a month.

These simple tips can help preserve the shine and luster of your Tussar sarees for a longer time.

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